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Overture will generate more traffic for you than all other Pay-Per-Clicks, combined - at this time. Overture is now "must marketing." (However, it is important to note that the other Pay-Per-Clicks are starting to "come into their own.") Of course, due to its great popularity, each click from Overture will cost you more than from the other Pay-Per-Clicks.

Even though the other engines are cheaper, it normally might not be worth your time to prepare bids for them. Why? Because, even though they deliver cheap traffic, they don't deliver a lot of it! Factor in the cost of your time and it might not be worthwhile.

Now, though, thanks to Site Build It! Manager, submitting bids on the other seven Pay-Per-Clicks only amounts to a few minutes work per engine! Good, cheap, targeted traffic!

So let's take a quick look at the next tier...

In order of approximate importance, here are the next 7 Pay-Per-Clicks. There are many others beyond these, but they do not generate enough traffic to be worth your time...

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