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Overture is another good indicator of competitive SUPPLY. It is a Pay-Per-Click Search Engine, so the companies you find are serious companies who do some research and are willing to pay for listings. They also tend to be a bit more marketing-savvy. So you'll get useful info here.

There are a lot of other Pay-Per-Clicks, of course. But since Overture has been around the longest, bid prices have had more time to rise closer to "true market value."

Search for "fashion model" at Overture. At the time of this writing, the winning bid to have the top spot on this search results page is $0.15 (where it says "Cost to advertiser" at the end of the description for each site -- if you don't see a price, then the "regular" Search Engine algorithms have simply returned that site for free -- you can have that spot by bidding a penny!).

On the other hand, "fashion designer" costs $0.25 to be #1 in the search results. This makes sense, since our AltaVista research above showed that there were many moresites about "fashion designer" than "fashion model" (i.e., greater competition).

Want another sign of competitive SUPPLY? Note how many sites bid for each keyword. For example, 15 sites bid at least one penny for "fashion model." And 16 sites bid for "fashion designer." Pretty close, in this case. Expect some big price gaps in the bidding for "fashion designer," which has a much higher #1 bid.

Now remember, companies who pay for keywords are serious about their businesses. They are either merchants or content sites determined to build traffic. Visit the Top 10 sites (do 20 if you're feeling ambitious!).

If it's a "Merchant site," it's more likely to have an affiliate program than usual, since it's already savvy enough to "pay per click." If it does have an affiliate program that fits your Site Concept, enter what kind of merchandise they sell and enter the URL of the "join page" into POSSIBLE PARTNERS for that keyword (as explained above).

If it's a "content site," review its content and follow the "links out" in the same way as outlined above -- add to your POSSIBLE PARTNERS and IDEAS FOR CONTENT columns. Some of the content sites will be serious affiliate sites, so pay careful attention to what they are doing.

Repeat the process for all of your HIGH-PROFITABILITY "fashion"-containing keywords.

OPTIONAL: While you're doing Overture research, create a second list. Let's call it your Overture BID-FOR-KEYWORD LIST.

Let's label the first column "KEYWORD" again. Now add 23 more columns to the right of KEYWORD (yes 23, but don't worry -- as a SBI! subscriber, the Manager has already done all this for you). Here's what to do for each of your HIGH-PROFITABILITY keywords...

Label the first two columns to the right of the KEYWORD column "Price I Should Bid" and "Buys #" -- leave them empty for now...

In the next column, enter the number of sites that have bid AT LEAST A NICKEL (minimum bid at Overture) for each keyword (ex., let's say that you do a search for "fashion model" and you find that 15 sites bid at least one nickel for "fashion model" -- enter "15").

Now, in the next 20 columns, enter the price for the "Top 20" search results spots (searchers are unlikely to scan any result past #20 -- so bidding for a spot beyond #20 is a waste of time). In our example, since only 15 sites have bid for "fashion model," you enter these bid prices in the first 15 columns -- leave the last 5 blank.

Now, back to those first two columns to the right of your KEYWORD. Enter the best price you should bid in "Price I Should Bid". And in the next column ("Buys #"), enter what spot in the search results that bid will yield (Site Build It! Manager calculates this spot automatically).

If this seems like a lot of work, it's really not. And with Site Build It! Manager, it's quick and easy! Here's why...

Site Build It! Manager features powerful pay-per-click functionality. The Manager contains a BID-FOR-KEYWORD LIST for every significant Pay-Per-Click engine to make your job as fast and profitable as possible.

It automatically researches all the bids at all the engines, showing you where your best bid should be. And it automates mass-submissions to the major Pay-Per-Clicks, too. Now it only takes minutes to do what previously took days. (We'll cover more info on bidding for keywords at the Pay-Per-Click Search Engines on DAY 9 of the course.)

For more information about Site Build It!, including the Site Build It! Manager tool...

As we'll see near the end of this course, the Pay-Per-Clicks can be an extremely effective way to build traffic -- we'll cover some simple strategies for bidding that will enable you to get the most "bang for your buck (or nickels!)". You can delay this step until then, if you prefer -- just thought I'd mention it if you decide to use Overture for further SUPPLY research.

One special note... If your search on a keyword returns sites that seem inappropriate (in AltaVista or Google or Overture), it's likely that your keyword does not reach the people you thought.

For example, let's say that you want to write a page about how to price products -this page is meant to show e-commerce merchants how to price new products. You decide that "price" is a good keyword...

Do a search with the Overture Suggestion Tool for the word price. The results are interesting...

Seems like a lot of people search for car prices and airline ticket prices on the Net. Remember, though, your target market is not looking for a great car deal or a cut-rate price on trip to Europe... they are trying to figure out how to set a price on their products.

Double-check this hunch by doing a search for "price" right on the Overture engine...

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