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This Research Tool is great for finding words related to your Concept Keyword.

While the Overture Suggestion Tool gives you all the search terms with "fashion" in it when you enter "fashion," the JimTool "BREAKOUT" brainstorms related words that do not necessarily have "fashion" in them.

You can then use those new keywords to BRAINSTORM and PRUNE some more keywords in your DEMAND and SUPPLY WINDOWS. So this tool is a good source for more HIGH-PROFITABILITY topics for pages on your fashion-oriented site.

One special note about our BREAKOUT Brainstormer. Don't reject words outright - if you ask yourself -- "How does this fit in with my target market?" -- you might be surprised! It's an amazing idea sparker.

Ready? Let's twirl the knobs and give Jim's tool a whirl (hmmm, that didn't sound quite right!)...

Enter "fashion" into one or more of the JimTools' Keyword Research Tools. When I did it, it returned the following words related to fashion (I've deleted the irrelevant ones)...

discount fashions fashion outlets fashion show coordinator fashion show producer fashion show production hair and make-up artists ice skate fashion international model scout model bookings runway models show producer skate fashion skate wear skating fashions velvet elegance winter styles women's clothing

Use these words in two ways...

1) Use the ones that fit your Site Concept "as is" to create more Keyword-Focused Content Pages, (ex., a Web page about "winter styles" or "women's clothing"). Add these to your MASTER KEYWORD LIST and complete the DEMAND, SUPPLY, SUPPLY SITES, POSSIBLE PARTNERS, and IDEAS for CONTENT columns for each one.

2) Extract "General Keywords", like "discount" and "outlets" and "clothing" and "styles". Feed these fashion-related "concept-level" words back into your DEMAND (#1) and SUPPLY (#2) WINDOWS to BRAINSTORM and PRUNE a whole new series of HIGH-PROFITABILITY keywords.

Add these to your MASTER KEYWORD LIST, too. (Or start a new MASTER KEYWORD LIST for any "concept-level" keyword that is different-and-strong enough to stand as a separate site.)

For example, "outlet" generates...

3851 factory outlet stores 972 outlet mall 708 outlet stores 640 factory outlet

So "factory outlet stores" would be an excellent topic to include (especially since it includes "outlet stores" and "factory outlet" within it for a total of 5,199 requests!).

You can keep right on BREAKING OUT in Window #3, then BRAINSTORMING in Window #1 (DEMAND) and PRUNING after doing research in Window #2 (SUPPLY). You will really come up with original, non-obvious keywords and affiliate programs that are right for your target market and that are part of major new directions related to fashion, but that don't contain the word "fashion."

You may even discover a concept that is so strong that you decide to adjust your first concept, or even replace it with this new one!

Here's another way to BREAKOUT. Use this really interesting Search Engine...

On Ixquick, a site gets one star for every major Search Engine (ex., AltaVista, HotBot, etc.) that scores it in their Top 10 (i.e., on Page #1 of search results). So it's a fast way to check all the major engines at the same time.

Any site on the first page of Ixquick search results, with three stars or more, is doing great. These sites know what they're doing and are not there by accident. Two stars is good. One star could just be a fluke.

Ready? Search for "fashion" at Ixquick.

At the time of this writing, scored tops with five stars. Click to their site. Then go to the menu of your browser...


This shows the HTML source code for this page. Look for the "META keywords tag" within this page's HTML...

<META name="keywords" content="Fashion, fashion, models, chat, news, shopping, haute couture, ready to wear, pret a porter, style, runway, catwalk, shows, beauty, RTW, PAP, fashion designers, designers, fashion design, clothing, Paris, Milan, New York,London, Tokyo, supermodels, super model, modeling, designers, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Givenchy, Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, DKNY, Martine Sitbon, Gucci, Chanel, Chloe, Christian Dior, Yohji Yamamoto, Helmut Lang, Jean Paul Gaultier, Paul Smith, Diesel, Gap, Guess, Levi's, Calvin Klein, CK one, Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Missoni, Jil Sander, Martin Margiela, Thierry Mugler, Montana, Versus, MAC, cosmetics, advice, fragrances, makeup, make up, sexy, luxury, design, look, casual, accessories, street style, health, photography, magazines, photographers, trend, trendy, chic, textiles, fabric, threads, industry, mode, mote, moda, sportswear, jeans, body">

Yes, this site makes a common mistake of listing tons of different keywords. But that's OK... they've done a lot of brainstorming for you!

Then repeat the process for the next site on the first page of Ixquick search results. Add the next set of META keywords to your existing list. Repeat until you're getting mostly duplicate words - that's the sign that you've exhausted this BREAKOUT technique.

Once you're done, you can use these words in the same two ways as outlined above for JimTools...

1) Use them "as is" to create more Keyword-Focused Content Pages. Add these words to your MASTER KEYWORD LIST.

2) Extract "General Keywords" and feed them back into your DEMAND and SUPPLY WINDOWS to BRAINSTORM and PRUNE a whole new series of HIGH-PROFITABILITY keywords. Add these words to your MASTER KEYWORD LIST, too.

Another great use for Ixquick...

As I said, sites with two stars or more know what they are doing (the more stars, the better they are). They are either merchants or content sites determined to build traffic. Visit the Top 10 sites that also have at least two stars.

If it's a "merchant site," and if it has an affiliate program that fits your Site Concept, enter what kind of merchandise they sell and enter the URL of the "join Page" into POSSIBLE PARTNERS for that keyword (as explained above). If it's a "content site," review its content and follow the "links out" in the same way as outlined above -- add to your POSSIBLE PARTNERS and IDEAS FOR CONTENT columns.

Repeat the process for all of your HIGH-PROFITABILITY "fashion"-containing keywords.

OK, let's get out of the three windows for a moment. They have focused on the "KEYWORD END" of brainstorming...

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