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From here, I'll extract "General Keywords," like "catalog" and "fulfillment" and "sales" and "customer service" (just to pick a few). Then I'll feed these "concept-level" words back into Windows #1 (DEMAND) and #2 (SUPPLY) to BRAINSTORM and PRUNE a whole new series of high-profit-potential keywords. Add these words to your MASTER KEYWORD LIST, too.

For example, if I feed "customer service" into my DEMAND window, I'll get...

4609 customer service

1025 customer service training 195 aol customer service 192 customer service week 180 live customer service 171 web customer service 160 customer service survey 157 customer service skill 151 ford customer service 135 customer service software 108 online customer service 104 at&t customer service

Please note that this new direction... this great group of profitable words... is not about pricing, but they are perfect... for our target market of serious business people with serious business needs.

Are you thinking...

"What does fulfillment or customer service or sales have to do with Make Your Price Sell!?"

Absolutely... positively... everything.

Am I suggesting that you fool business people who are looking for information about these topics? No, not at all.

Here's why... if someone is searching for "fulfillment" (in the non-Zen sense of the word!), she already has a product. A product that needs a Perfect Price.

Obviously, Keyword-Focused Content Pages about pricing are much more tightly targeted to our Make Your Price Sell! (MYPS!) product. It's easy to write a good page that ends in a recommendation to visit MYPS!. And of course, this is a "must do." It's easy and effective.

But let's say that someone just found my page about order fulfillment. It's a terrific HIGH-VALUE page that delivers just what she was searching for. But how to lead that into a click to MYPS!???

Remember... PREselling is really about selling YOURSELF to your customer through great content. So, once I have PRE-sold with great content about fulfillment issues on the Net, I lead into a few closing links...

First, I join the program of a good fulfillment company. I provide a link to them.

Then, I add a link like this.

Before you can fulfill orders, you have to sell, of course. The generally recognized BIBLE of Net-selling is called "Make Your Site SELL! 2002." Highly recommended...

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