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NOTE: It's not necessary to trademark your domain. But do make sure that you don't violate someone else's mark before you register your domain. It would be a shame to build up a great business, and then have someone who owned a trademark (before you registered your domain) force you to take it down.

Just before you register, think about expandability and brand. Generally, you should start narrow-niche and then expand when all goes well. And, as said earlier, when the time does come to grow beyond "pricing," you should not add "fulfillment" or "customer support" to your "pricing" site. You'll dilute its Search Engine effectiveness, not to mention cloud the message to your visitors.

So give some thought to expansion now. Suppose that you decide upon "" Why not register "" and "," etc., now. Eventually, you'll link them together through a master site called ""

Registering domains is cheap. Why not lock them all in right now? That way, your expansion path won't have potholes when the time comes for you to grow.

Soon you will be able to register multiple domains with Site Build It! without purchasing full site-building capabilities. Just park them with SiteSell until you're ready to use them...

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