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Next best choice is a spreadsheet. Both a database and spreadsheet will speed things up and provide you with extra functionality.

If you don't know anything about databases or spreadsheets, your fastest way to get up and running is with Filemaker Pro. It's a friendly, easy-to-learn database program. Your particular needs are simple, so it won't take long for you to create a MASTER KEYWORD LIST that can be sorted and searched, and that can warn you of duplicate keywords.

If the idea of a database or spreadsheet scares you, simply stick with a text list. It's a bit inefficient so it will take you a little longer, but it will do the job just fine.

Whatever you decide, please, please, please...

DO use a MASTER KEYWORD LIST. It will evolve into the MASTER BLUEPRINT for your entire site. If you follow these instructions, the site will almost build itself!

OK, here's what to do with your MASTER KEYWORD LIST. Create four columns and label them KEYWORD, DEMAND, SUPPLY, and SUPPLY SITE INFO. For each "fashion"-containing keyword in your DEMAND window...

1) Enter the keyword itself into the column labeled "KEYWORD" -- copy-and-paste to avoid typos.

2) Enter how many times it is searched (info that you found in the DEMAND WINDOW) into the DEMAND column.

3) Enter how many sites Google or AV finds (in your SUPPLY WINDOW) in your column labeled SUPPLY.

4) Read the listings for the Top 20 sites that Google or AltaVista returns for each keyword. Make brief notes in the fourth column, SUPPLY SITE INFO -- no need to visit the sites yet (perhaps just a quick click to the home page if you need a bit more info). Just get a flavor for the kinds of sites that each KEYWORD search delivers.

I've started your MASTER KEYWORD LIST for you...

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