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As you do DAYS 3 and 4, you'll find many merchants who do not have affiliate programs. They are potential buyers of your advertising!

It all starts, first, by establishing yourself through your Theme-Based Content Site.

SPECIAL NOTE: Use Site Build It! to build your site. It will be a snap to set up your own pay-per-click advertising business. Pay-per-click will be easier for you to sell, and in my opinion is a much fairer model for advertising.

Site Build It! gives you full click-through data on all links. So you'll be able to bill your clients appropriately -- professional-level tools at no extra cost!

No html knowledge is necessary, nor are ftp, META tags, or any other tech knowledge. Site Build It! lets you focus on what's important... building income through content.

The SBI! Action Guide will give you a neat "behind the curtain" view...

OK, back to

Just before we move on to our last example ("fashion"), let's review our domains to make sure that they meet our VPP (Valuable PREselling Proposition) needs...

Your VPP answers, in very few words and hopefully with a touch of character, the two critical questions about your Site Concept...

1) What specific and high-value information does your site deliver?

2) What is your unique positioning for this delivery (i.e., what is your angle of approach)? is a smart, but not too clever (i.e., so subtle that many visitors would miss the point), play on words that tells the visitor immediately, and with character, that it is a place to come for all things art. It contains your Site Concept word, "art"" And each of your "lower level" domains does, too (ex., renaissance-artchive contains the "renaissance art" keyword.)

Bottom line? What started with Botticelli now has a clear do-able step-at-a-time plan to become an art mini-portal. And you start at a level that you know will be profitable.

Best of all worlds.

On to our final example, "fashion"...

With "pricing," we found ourselves at just about the right profit potential level. So it was not necessary to grow the concept.

With "Botticelli," we did need to widen the concept to capture more profit potential. With "fashion," we'll need to do the opposite -- narrow it down to a "do-able" yet profitable level.

Heck, "fashion" is just too broad...

• You won't be able to develop the unique positioning required by a good "Valuable PREselling Proposition" ("VPP").

• It will take forever to fill a general fashion site with enough content so it does not look bare.

• Winning the Search Engine wars for a General Keyword like "fashion" will be extremely difficult. And even if you do win it for your home page, people searching for "fashion" are so non-specific, looking with so many possible different topics, that your site is unlikely to meet their needs.

The only strategy on this over-congested Net is to target a specific niche with a specific Site Concept and a strong VPP that tells people quickly what specific and high-value information you are delivering.

When you start with a wide-open concept like "fashion," you have two basic choices...

1) Narrow down to a "fashion"-containing Site Concept that excites you... something about "fashion design" or "fashion model" or "fashion designer."

2) Change course somewhat, based on your BREAKOUT research in Window 3.

(In fact, while you'll start with one or the other, you will quickly end up using both choices, as we'll see now... )

Let's cover each quickly, from a VPP point of view...

OPTION 1) Narrow down -- remember some of our HIGH-PROFITABILITY "fashion"-containing keywords?...

fashion magazine fashion model fashion designer fashion design

Let's focus on what excites you... designing and publishing. You decide to publish an online magazine about fashion design and designers...

The domain contains your VPP. It says exactly what your site delivers, and that you'll be delivering it through the format of an online magazine/Web site.

No, the name is not particularly clever. Using words like Herald or Express would sound and look much slicker (ex., But using "magazine" gives you a better edge with the Search Engines, for two reasons...

1) There's a slight advantage to having your keyword within the domain name. But more importantly...

2) You'll be using your name over and over in your copy. No one searches for "FashionDesignExpress." But lots of people search for "fashion magazine." And, since few people use quotes when they search, the "fashion" and the "magazine" do not have to be together. So this gives you "findability" for "fashion magazine" and "fashion designers" and even "designers magazine."

Add a byline like...

"The Fashion Design Magazine

By, About, and For Fashion Designers"

Include this on every page, under your logo.

Your magazine format gives you the flexibility to cover a wide range of topics related to fashion design and designers. Use the BREAKOUT techniques described in DAY 3 to generate more and more topics related to fashion design and designers (jewelry topics, famous designer bios, etc., etc.).

You're off and running with a great concept like this. Just one more thought...

Let's say that succeeds really well... Hey, it should! You're doing everything right. But...

It will be too late to register related domains later. Do it now, with an eye to expanding your concept in a few months or so (as discussed above for


• (your future store?)

• (see below)

• And, of course, tie it up all together with a Master Domain, or This Master Site will be launched once your other sites are all up and running, much the same way that you did for above.

Do you see the difference from these vague, more general, wide-concept, standalone "fashion" approaches?...

• ""

• ""

• ""

They are all too generic and fail to capture a useful niche-keyword in the VPP (i.e., in the domain name).

Let's discuss your second option when dealing with a wide-open General Keyword like "fashion"...

OPTION 2) Change course -- earlier, we used the JimTools' Keyword Research Tool to find other "fashion-related" words like "factory outlet stores," which was searched for 3,851 times. Well, check it out at AltaVista - you'll find that it has only 1,820 competitors! Hey, that's a far better DEMAND-SUPPLY ratio (searches compared to competitors) than "fashion design."

The Site Build It! Manager tool uses a complex calculation that is beyond simple SUPPLY-DEMAND ratios and which does a much better job of showing each word's exact profitability. It shows "factory outlet stores" to have far greater profitability than any other keyword that we have looked at!

The Site Build It! Manager is free with your purchase of Site Build It!.

For more information about SBI!...

Research like this may even point you towards changing your concept away from the "concept-level" keyword of "fashion," perhaps aiming more toward "discount" and "outlets" -- run these two keywords through the Overture Suggestion Tool, and then see how many competitors those words have. Your best Concept Keyword may actually be, surprise!...

discount outlets or.

factory outlet stores (that's where we got that domain, "," above).

Of course, you also have to consider...

a) whether this different direction excites you as much and...

b) the nature of the kind of customer who will search for your keywords. Make sure that you aren't marketing to a personality type that is hard to convert, no matter what you do... ex., the "freebie-seeking tire-kicker" or the "marketing-phobic tech-type."

You want to attract a personality that is open-to-buy. In other words, you want people who will buy something after reading your content and clicking through to your merchants.

With this in mind, think about this possible new direction...

People searching for outlet malls are certainly doing so for a reason... to save by buying! And you find lots of good online malls and other merchants that fit with your Site Concept. And you can still marry your concept of fashion to "factory outlet stores" like this...


Geez, if this goes as big as you think it could, you could expand this concept, too! So you also register...






And you'll register a strong Master Domain to tie all your successful niche sites up into one big mini-portal. So what if that's a year or two down the road?...


VPP = world's best factory outlet stores. It "says" that you have done all the research for your cost-conscious reader and will be delivering only the cream.

And think of all the creamy topics!... Articles on shoes, fur, dresses, etc., etc... leading to great outlet links (and other affiliate links, of course).

Then you do the same for basketball, football, golf, etc., etc. My goodness! You've found a motherlode.

Bye-bye fashion magazine. Hello world of discount malls!

Here's the whole point of DAY 5...

Take your time on the domain name and the concept -- the choice you make here will literally make or break your results (remember what Danny De Vito said in "The Renaissance Man"...

"The choices we make dictate the lives we lead."

Pick something you know and love... ... AND that has excellent PROFITABILITY!

If I had to summarize the entire Affiliate Masters Course into just two lines, it would be the two you just read...


Pick something you know and love...

... AND that has excellent PROFITABILITY!


One without the other is much less likely to succeed.

Yes, you can win by doing something you don't enjoy doing. But it's a heck of a lot harder.

And sure... you could just say "to hang with what people will pay for," I want to do what turns me... and that would be OK. You might even "luck into" a winner of a concept. But it would be luck. On the other hand, if your payoff is the sheer enjoyment of doing a hobby, that's great, too.

One of the most clear-headed thinkers, and biggest winners, and one of my favorite writers on the Net, is John Audette. John calls this... "Niche with Passion." It's one of his "Sweet 16 Principles for Building a Successful Internet Business". For more great information, subscribe to Adventive Lists...

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