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The experts have spoken. And I'm delighted on two points...

1) Site Build It! is perfectly timed. Don't worry if all the above seems very complex. Part of Site Build It!'s job is to make all that invisible to you. The big point is... theme-based sites will be the way for affiliates to succeed over the next 3 years, starting right now!

2) All those spammy, self-replicating, duplicated gateways will be "compressed" into nothingness. In a preview of things to come, a couple of major companies have seen their sites dropped from AltaVista for this very reason.

I've always had a deep philosophical objection to this approach...

Ultimately, people with passion who produce themed sites with their own, original content, produced from their own brains, will win. And that's the way it should be/

For more information about Site Build It! and what it does...

Mastering the Search Engines is getting more and more complicated. But if you love a good technical challenge, here are a few more resources that I would recommend...

Planet Ocean

WebPosition Gold

As I said, if you enjoy the challenge, these are excellent resources, as are the ones quoted above.

But if you just want to write great content that meets the needs of searchers and engines, with all the technology working behind the scenes, hidden from you...

What's that, you have a question about what Michael wrote above? Sure...

QUESTION: "What does Michael mean when he says...

liii) ... if you have and entertainment section on your web site and a business section on your web site, you should in theory, split the topics into separate web sites. Otherwise your site may not to get listed at all if you are not closer to any one category than another.'?

ANSWER: Good pick-up! That's a critical paragraph. Engines will focus on themes more and more. If your site is about "factory outlet stores," it's fine to use all the variations and synonyms that we discuss above. It all reinforces the main theme. But...

If you add a section that starts talking about Saks Fifth Avenue and other highend retailers, you start to water down your site. The more off-theme your content, the greater the risk.

Focus on your theme and stick to it. That's why an idea site is 50-70 pages, no more. That should just about cover any niche. After that, your time will be more profitably spent by building the next content site on your "mini-portal list."

ONE MORE QUESTION: "What about design? How important is it?

ANSWER: Not as important as most folks think. Sure it's important not to use 18 garish colors and whirling kabobbies. But take a look at these highly successful content sites...

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