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But still include a #2 and a #3 recommendation. First, that gives extra content value. Second, it adds extra credibility to the #1 choice (ahem!). And third, it gives you three possible links for your visitor to click upon.

And, on top of that, include your favorite book about writing "offline" copy, too. Naturally, it's an affiliate link to one of the online book stores!.

It's a WIN-WIN-WIN situation where you, your visitors, and your merchants all win.

Now, please think about the following for a moment...

Why would I, a merchant, recommend that you not create "yet another Web marketing site," and especially not one that is dedicated to selling our products?

It's because I know you'll waste your time. The two-step SELL-SELL does not work. Period. Sure, you'll get a few sales. But you won't make enough money to stay motivated to build your business. I'd rather give you a far more powerful, successful approach and have a smaller piece of your larger, more successful, attention.

Proof? Our most successful affiliates all give only a piece of their attention. For example, take a look at the site of affiliate guru Allan Gardyne...

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