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OK, that wraps up expenses and traffic-building. Now for our second question about expenses...

Question #2 -- What does it cost to maximize Conversion Rates?

Maximizing your Conversion Rate (CR) is simply a question of doing things right. There is no extra dollar or time cost to boosting Conversion Rates at your merchants' sites. This course will show you how to achieve this goal, too.

Remember... when this course talks about Conversion Rates, we are talking about the Conversion Rate at the sites of the merchants that you represent as an affiliate. So we are talking about you maximizing the percent of visitors (whoyou refer) who deliver the response for which the vendor pays, whether that's a sale, or lead, etc.

If you think that it's impossible for you to change the sales-effectiveness of your merchants' sites, you are in for a big surprise.

1) Maximize traffic to your merchants, spending only dollars and time that maximize profits.

2) Maximize Conversion Rates. Do things right (no expense).

Don't just do one. Do both. Why? Because, as you saw above, your payment is determined by traffic multiplied by the Conversion Rate... not "added." Your profits grow geometrically when you concentrate on maximizing both traffic and Conversion Rates.

I have spent quite a bit of time reviewing the difference between 5 Pillar Affiliates who refer high traffic to us and who deliver high Conversion Rates (% of visitors who purchase) and those with low ones.


Banner ads!

The futility of banners was first revealed by our 5 Pillar Program, both in our award-winning 5 Pillar Manual and in the Five Pillar Affiliate Reports.

Retinal studies have shown that Web surfers actually avoid banners. Yes, their eyes look away! Click throughs have plummeted to under half-of-a-percent. And, for the few who do click...

We went on to prove that banners are worse than futile, they are counterproductive. The 5 Pillar Affiliates who rely on banners have an average Conversion Rate of 0.5%. But those who use "in-context" text links (i.e., text links that are part of the content of the Web page) average over 3.5%!

How's that for a reason not to use banners?

Why does this happen?

Banners are cheesy and hurt your credibility. Because visitors simply arrive feeling "pitched" rather than informed. So they arrive at in a resisting mindset, rather than with an open, ready-to-buy attitude.

Remember that example where you sent 100 visitors per day to a merchant and 1% bought? If you rely on flipping up some banners, it will be more like 10 visitors per day and not one buys!

We reveal a lot about 5 Pillar Affiliates and about our program stats during this course. But it is not the 5P Program that is important here - it's the lessons to be derived. This course is all about making any affiliate of any program more successful.


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