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Ongoing Goal... Create one OFF-SITE promotion with special tracking links per week (or whatever fits for you).

Review traffic stats, and do both Click IN and Click Through Analysis regularly. Watch for trends. Build on your successes and either drop or improve what does not work.

Wait! There is no next one! You are done! And what a long way you've come. Take a look...

Affiliate Masters Section One

• Business Basics

• Income and Expenses

• Traffic, Click Throughs, and Conversion Rates

• PREselling and Your Visitor's Mindset

Affiliate Masters Section Two

Brainstorming Concepts for Your Site

• Picking the Concept With the Most Profit Potential

• Developing HIGH-PROFITABILITY Topics for Your Site

• DEMAND, SUPPLY and BREAKOUT tools, and the



• How to pick the HIGHEST-PROFITABILITY topics

• Analyzing (and using!) the competition

Affiliate Masters Section Three

• Finding Affiliate Programs for Your Concept

• How to Reduce Risk by Diversifying

• Picking the Best, Safest Programs

• Refining Your Concept to Just the Right Scope...

• The "Valuable PREselling Proposition"

• Creating and Protecting the Perfect Domain Name

• Preparing for Your Own Mini-Vertical-Portal

Affiliate Masters Section Four

• Building Your Site... Two Kinds of Visitors

• OVERdelivering High-value Content to Readers Who Deliver HIGH-PROFITABILITY to You

• How to Please the Search Engines


• The Structure of Your Site

• The Content of Your Site

Affiliate Masters Section Five

• Traffic-building for Content sites

• The Free Major Search Engines

• Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

• The Major Directories

• E-zines -- Market via your own opt-in newsletters

• Other traffic-building techniques

Traffic Analysis... What's Important

• Click IN Analysis

• Click Through Analysis

• Your Road to Success... Action Steps

See that last item above? Action Steps? Yes, it's time to boil the course syllabus down into Action Steps.

You'll succeed.

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