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POWER-USER TIP: Want perfect tracking of how effective your e-zine ad is? Combine Click IN Analysis and Click Through Analysis!

1) Place ad in an e-zine, or bid on keywords from a Pay-Per-Click Search Engine. The link goes to a page on your site that only receives clicks from this ad. It can be a simple duplicate of one of your site's pre-existing pages. But it should not receive links from anywhere else, including even from your own site.

2) On that page, create new tracker links to your affiliate programs, links that are unique for this ad. You should not use these tracker links anywhere else.

3) Now your Click IN Analysis can track both the INcoming traffic and your Click Through Analysis can see how many of those folks coming IN actually go to your income-generating programs (or your sales site, online store, etc.)

You'll know exactly and you will be able to say...

"This ezine ad on this day ( or this Pay-Per-Click listing) brought in this many visitors of which this many clicked on to this and that merchant."

Since you know the Conversion Rate for each of your merchant-partners (or your sales site/store), you know whether it makes sense to keep advertising, or to find more targeted e-zines (or more targeted keywords on the pay-per-clicks).

This technique works for e-zine ads, opt-in mailings, article submissions that direct readers to your Theme-Based Content Site. And it can be very helpful to test the cost-effectiveness of the Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

As I said, though, this requires a fair degree of savviness and some work. Definitely for power users only.

And, if it's more appropriate to send readers directly to your merchants (instead of a page on your site), then this extra stop would not be a good idea.

Still, something to keep in mind.

Know your visitors -- they are the heart of your business -- by following traffic stats. And tracking links in and out is the key to maximizing income while getting the most return from all your traffic-building expenses.

Please complete your DAY 10 Goal-of-the-DAY, and take note of your Ongoing Goal...

Goal-of-the-DAY... Familiarize yourself with a good traffic-reporting package. Convert your Theme-Based Content Site's OUTgoing links into special tracking links (no need to do this with Site Build It! -- all links out are automatically created as tracking links)...

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