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Yes, it's a quagmire. Tracking how all your pages rank is definitely tedious stuff.

So why do all the pros do it? Because it's so important to know where you stand. Every situation is different. You have to get the lay of the land (your land) and see where you stand in it. For example...

You might be writing about succulent plants -- there is an entire world of related Web sites, directory listings, links flying around all over the place... and this set of circumstances is different than the one for "fashion."

Suppose you wrote two near-identical pages. The only difference is that you replaced the word "fashion" with "cactus" (you should never create such "search-and-replace" pages, of course -- this is an example to make a point). Your fashion page ranks Page 1, #1 for every Search Engine. Does that mean that your cactus page will also be Page 1, #1?

Nope. Because the "Web world" for fashion is totally different from that of the cactus. The point of tracking how you rank is to get the lay of your land.

Once you see how your pages fit in your particular "Web world" (and it likely won't be great at first), you start tweaking. We're getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but...

As we'll see in the next DAY of this course, the key to building traffic through the free, major Search Engines, is to try different things until you "get the feel" for what ranks highly for your particular theme.

That's why I recommended in DAY 6 to experiment with different lengths of text, different numbers of Specific Keywords, as well as General Keywords and common synonyms in titles, headlines, etc., etc. If you have many differently constructed pages, you'll notice which pages rank high and which don't. And that gives you the basis to improve the ones that don't.

Yes, it takes some time and effort. That's why the major Search Engines are not really "free." They do cost you something... time, after all, is money.

The payoff, however, is terrific... substantial, nearly free (once you work out what succeeds for you), sustained, and targeted traffic.

When you're dealing with 50 or 100 pages, tracking all this really takes time. And imagine when you have four sites up and running! Site Build It!, however, does all of this automatically. Yes... submitting, spider-spotting, index-checking, and rank-tracking. All of it.

Whenever you build or modify a page, Site Build It!'s World Submitter automatically submits it to all the major engines, according to the way, and the frequency, that they want it, and exactly the way a human would submit it by hand.

The Submit-Spider-List Report tells you when each page was submitted, spidered (i.e., when each engines "scooping robot" came to your site and brought each page "back to its database home), indexed (officially available in each engine's database), and where your page ranks, at each major engine, for the Specific Keyword that the page focuses upon!

What does this mean for you?...

• You don't lose sleep about submitting, or whether you should re-submit. Site Build It! submits by "e-hand" for you.

• You don't have to worry about whether the Search Engines "got the message." Site Build It! can tell when the engines send their little "robots" to spider through your newly built pages, and will soon report to you on this. (NOTE: If the spider does not come, Site Build It! re-submits until those lazy little critters do come... all according to each engine's acceptable limits.)

• You don't have to check constantly at the engines to see when your pages become available in their listings. Site Build It! does that for you... and will tell you in this report.

• You don't have to manually track how your page ranks for your keywords. Site Build It! reports on this, too.

If time is money, Site Build It! is time... time saved!

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Insiders Guide To Outsourcing Your Backlink Building

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