Like any great show, whether it's baseball, or the theatre, or the Olympics... success is all about preparation. And boy, have you prepared!

And all that preparation has convinced you that your show should be...

Yes! What started out as "fashion" has turned into a site about fashion factory outlet stores. After all, you yourself love buying clothes and shoes at a great price... oh the thrill of stopping by a new freeway-side outlet mall and finding beautiful, cheap buys at a Tommy Hilfiger outlet.

While you love the idea, money talked, too. Site Build It! Manager calculated a terrific profitability for it. And the cost for bidding on these sites was ridiculously low. Your methodical research has uncovered a high-potential business!

Now it's time to build income through content... i.e., to build a site that gets the CLICK!

Since I'm still in "2-line-summary mode," let's boil down the essence of "building

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Passive Income Blueprint

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