Poor or little info about affiliate program available. What kind of priority could it have?

Dead links on merchant site.

No clear anti-spamming policy visible on site.

Site that promotes "get-rich-quick" gimmicks.

Financially unstable. You can lose a lot of momentum if a company goes under, especially if you were banking on lifetime customer/2-tier promises.

"Pay-per-click" method of payment. In this method, you get paid whenever a visitor clicks on your link. No purchase or lead-generation necessary. Unfortunately, it's wide open for abuse -- very sophisticated folks create incentives to get thousands of people to click on their links. But the visitors could care lessabout the products being promoted. It's virtually unstoppable. And merchants end up paying for nothing. So merchants cancel or change the program. Microsoft's Clicktrade (see above) used to offer pay-per-click backend programming for merchants. They dropped it due to the level of fraudulent activity that hurt merchants.

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