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Do a search for one of your keywords, plus the word "affiliate." Like this... +fashion +affiliate

(The "+" sign means that both words must appear on the Web page returned by the search.)

Or if that turns up a blank, like this... affiliate fashion

Do this at AltaVista, Google, Overture, and/or Ixquick. This will yield either fashion merchants with affiliate programs or content sites that are affiliates. Visit the Top 10 sites (do 20 if you're feeling ambitious!).

If it's a "merchant site," and if it has an affiliate program that fits your concept, first enter what kind of merchandise they sell and then enter the URL of the "join page" into POSSIBLE PARTNERS for that keyword (as explained above). If it's a "content site," review its content and follow the "links out" in the same way as outlined above -- add to your columns of POSSIBLE PARTNERS and IDEAS FOR CONTENT.

Repeat the process for each keyword in your MASTER KEYWORD LIST (i.e., replace "fashion" above with another keyword like "fashion models" so that you search for this...

+"fashion models" +affiliate

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