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"Are you looking for a top-notch school of fashion design? Click here for the best school in the US Northeast. Click here for the best one in the US Southeast. Click here for the top institute in the US Southwest. Click here for excellence in the US Northwest. Click here for the Fashion School Directory. (Please e-mail us if you feel that your fashion school or college belongs in the directory.)"

NOTE: Each of the "best school" links sends the visitor to a school that you represent as an affiliate!

This is just an example, but I hope you get the idea. You've created multiple streams of income... from both merchants and consumers... in an area that you love and know about... and in an area that is not nearly as competitive as Web marketing (where so many people seem to congregate).

Uh-oh. Still not convinced?

You still think that you can build a bigger business by targeting Web masters and others who are specifically interested in Web marketing? No, really - you'll do far better by working your "niche of passion." Here's why...

So many people get sucked into the web marketing game. They get interested. They read a lot. Pretty soon they figure that they're experts and that they can sell what they know. Well, they are good, but...

Web marketing info is a jam-packed highly competitive arena. And you're competing against pros, many of whom are extremely good at writing to please Search Engines.

Here's just one simple indicator of the ultra-high level of competition...

If you look up "e-commerce" in AltaVista, you'll find 983,905 possible competitors (probably many more by the time you read this!) -- there were only 167,192 for the word "fashion." Not only is there much more competition, believe me... the competition is tougher.

Still doubt me? OK, go to...

Yup, look up both "e-commerce" and "fashion." See where it says "Cost to advertise" at the end of each listing? See how much the #1 spot costs...

$5.29 for "e-commerce"

$0.78 for "fashion" (amounts will be higher by the time you read this).

Since these amounts are bid by the companies, it's another indication of how hot an area is. Finally, look at the kinds of companies on the first page for each of these terms. Seriously, you'll do far better competing against "fashion" merchants than e-commerce pros.

That's why you should not be intimidated when you see that you have 21,307 competitors for the word "fashion designer." Most of them very likely don't know very much about ranking high at the Search Engines.

A second reason why you're better off when you focus on a special "concept niche"...

There are tons of fashion-related merchants who'd love MYSS! 2002. And you'd have them all to yourself! What do I mean? Well, people looking for Web-selling information have quite likely already heard about us, as well as our competitors. But only fashion-related industries market to these people - they're all dying for a great source of Net-selling information... you can provide that.

The "niche concept site" is a flexible strategy that anyone can do. Bend it and twist it -- add your own ideas. You really will do a great job with this.

Every now and then, Allan Gardyne focuses on successful affiliates. You can review his back issues for the success stories at.

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SEO Article Copywriting

SEO Article Copywriting

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