DAY 10 Know Your Visitors

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Goal-of-the-DAY... Familiarize yourself with a good traffic-reporting package. Convert your Theme-Based Content Site's OUTgoing links into special tracking links (no need to do this with Site Build It! -- all links OUT are automatically created as tracking links)...

Ongoing Goal... Create one off-site promotion with special tracking links per week (or whatever fits for you).

Review traffic stats, and do both Click IN and Click Through Analysis regularly. Watch for trends. Build on your successes and either drop or improve what does not work.

With these goals in mind...

Let's see where you're at as we approach the end of the Affiliate Masters Course...

You have a wonderful Theme-Based Content Site, full of high-value content that OVERdelivers to your human readers and that ranks highly and fairly with your Search Engine friends. And that means...

You have traffic coming into your site (from all your traffic-building efforts) and traffic going out of your site (links to your income-generating sites -- merchant-partners, your own store, or your own sales site).

It has cost you time and money to generate your INCOMING traffic. Your OUTGOING traffic generates income for you. You can measure both expenses and income. And, as explained way back in Affiliate Masters Section One, INCOME minus EXPENSES equals PROFITS.

If we stopped here, your site would be a black box. A "black box" is a concept used in physics. You can measure what goes into the black box, and you can measure what comes out of the black box... but you don't know what the heck is happening inside of that black box. In other words, you don't know why things happen.

And for your long-term success, that's critical. Why?

Because if you know more about the nature of your INCOMING and OUTGOING traffic, you can maximize your returns for every dollar and minute that you spend!

Yes, that is kind of important... "critical," even.

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