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I'll skip the tech stuff, because all this is built into "layman-understandable" online help in Site Build It!. But here are some of Michael's important ideas and conclusions...

i) Name your web site purpose in two words. Can you do it? What is your web site theme? Two words, three max. Themes are the new big winner in long-term search engine positioning.

ii) What's a theme? It's all about narrowing the focus of your site, and the links to, and from your site, down to one keyword phrase, and alterations of that one phrase. You want to leave NO DOUBT, to the search engine, what your web site is about, in two or at the most, three or four key words.

iii) ... if you have and entertainment section on your web site and a business section on your web site, you should in theory, split the topics into separate web sites. Otherwise your site may not to get listed at all if you are not closer to any one category than another.

iv) What's really scary is the next wave of compression.

It will be set up to eliminate redundancy "across" vectors. Translated this means, the removal of nearly identical pages for slightly different keyword phrases. The days of copying and pasting keywords in and out of an html template, for similar keyword phrases, may soon be over.

v) Terms (keywords) are collected and weighted within the document and corpus (collection) of documents. This means that keyword density will continue to be important not only on each page, but across your entire site.

vi) Bottom line... Pick one topic and stick with it. If you need to focus on another topic, put it on another web site.

vii) How much time do we have? Well, based on the history of things like link popularity, click counting and PageRank, new stuff gets implemented fairly quickly. Usually within 3 to 6 months. And some these new technologies are already in place on a couple of search engines.

Michael Campbell

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