But they were searching for content

"CONTENT!" I said. (Sorry for yelling.)

People resist sales efforts, so your click-through actually goes down. And if they do click, what do they see when they arrive at SiteSell.com? More sales effort. And, in some cases, many of the words on the sitesell.com site are similar to the words that they've just read. Result? Poor Conversion Rate.

If your site is basically a "bunch of sales letters," you have not yet built your credibility and likeability with this visitor. Your visitor ends up feeling "pitched." And then feels double-pitched if she clicks through to your merchant's site...

That's why the CR actually goes down.

To make things worse, as she "smells" a sales effort, she becomes less likely to click! So referred traffic drops, too.

Women now represent 50% of all surfers. And they control approximately 80% of all shopping dollars. To reinforce this in your mind, we'll use the feminine pronoun to talk about readers/visitors/customers. To keep things simple and even, we'll use the masculine pronoun when referring to affiliates.

OK, let's see... Referred traffic down. And Conversion Rate down. But these are the two ways to increase your income (that's we talked about right at the top today's lesson). We're going in the wrong direction!


Don't SELL! Instead, warm your visitor up for your merchants by PREselling them with great content that they value and respect. They'll click-through with pleasure, arriving at your merchants' sites in an open-to-buy mindset.

It's your PREsell effort that will boost your traffic-to-merchants and Conversion Rate. Which in turn maximizes your income.

This brings us to our second philosophical premise and the end of Part One...

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