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"Build it and they will come." -Field of Dreams (1989)

Talk about a "field of dreams!" If you just simply build it, your site might as well be a corn field in Iowa, visited only by ghosts!

Yes, it's true. This course has shown you how to develop a strong Theme-Based Content site, completely loaded with HIGH-PROFITABILITY Keyword-Focused Content Pages. These pages OVERdeliver to your human readers, and at the same time, satisfy the Search Engines.

So you're way ahead of 99% of e-business people on the Net. You have created a diamond, shining with terrific content. Does that guarantee you success?

Because it's just sitting there, buried in the middle of that huge corn field... that field of dreams.

What's missing in your quest to build income through content... to turn that field of dreams into reality?

Traffic. Visitors who read your content, click on your links, and then do something (buy, complete a form, etc.).

Read on.

In the last chapter, we focused more on content. Now we begin to focus on building traffic to your content.

Here's the secret to building traffic. It's really the secret of traffic-building experts...

Do something. See how it works.

Do something else. See how that works. And then...

Yup... try something else again. And see how that works.

That means you need traffic-building tools to keep "doing things" to build traffic. And then you need the traffic-tracking tools to tell you what's working.

A feedback loop from building to tracking is critical. One of the keys to success, any kind of success, is feedback. Good results tell you what's going right and give you something to build upon. Poor outcomes show you what needs to be fixed.

Without tracking (i.e., feedback), you're shooting in the dark. Without the ability to take traffic-building action and increase or change what you're doing (depending on the traffic-tracking feedback), you're not even shooting!

Two more important principles to add... the best traffic-building techniques are high-yielding and sustained. In other words, you must get a big traffic-return for your time-and/or-money, and it must deliver traffic in an ongoing fashion, not just be a one-shot deal.

Let's give you an example. When you "get it right" at the Search Engines, they'll deliver you traffic for months, even years, without you ever having to tweak your pages again... if you've done everything correctly.

Don't worry - that's not such a big if. After all - if you have followed this course properly, you have indeed done everything right.

Compare that with making a post in an e-mail mailing list, even a high-profile one. It takes some time to prepare a good post, with great content... great enough to wow people into visiting your site. Consider what happens within two days of that post -- your traffic falls back to where it was.

So... what are the best "sustained-high-yielding" traffic- building opportunities on the Net?...

#1) The Free Major Search Engines

#2) Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

#3) The Major Directories

#4) Word of Mouth

Yes, of course, there are other ways to build traffic...

• buying ads in, and writing articles for, e-zines

• making posts in forums, discussion groups, mailing lists, newsgroups (depending on your niche and other circumstances, these can be fairly effective... or totally useless)

• link exchanging

These lesser techniques, however, don't deliver both big and sustained results. Sure, using a sig file is something you should do. And it's sustained. At best, though, you send 40 or so e-mails per day, mostly to people who know you. Not much super traffic-building potential there.

Buying ads or writing articles in e-zines will bring you a 1-2 day pulse of traffic (that is, if you choose well and write an effective ad or article). But then traffic falls right back down.

Same reality goes with posts in forums, etc. Some Web-based forums remain on the Net and could be spidered, thereby counting that page as a link to your site. But we're talking "thin" here. So...

Your best "large and sustained" traffic returns will come from the BIG 5 above. Since your time is limited, don't try to "do it all." Begin directly with the BIG 5.

I am not saying that you should not use the lesser traffic-building techniques. Depending on your situation, some will work very well for you. But...

Start first with the BIG 5. As you do, three things will happen...

• you'll establish a strong, sustained traffic base

• you'll start to feel comfortable with what you're doing, and will view the whole concept of building traffic as a very do-able project

• you'll come across "perfect fits" for the above, lesser traffic-building techniques (ex., a perfect vehicle for a link exchange, or an excellent e-zine that reaches your target market, etc.)

It is at this point that you can then start using the secondary techniques effectively.

OK. Back to the BIG 5. Let's open the discussion with a look at BIG TECHNIQUES #4 and #5...

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SEO Guide for Top Rankings

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