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We started the body copy at the beginning of this day (DAY 6). Let's see what our search result listing would look like for those engines that don't use the META description tag...

WORLD'S BEST Fashion Factory Outlet Stores, The Cream of Cyber Discount Fashions

This is followed by the H1 tag and the beginning of the body copy...

Fashion Outlet Stores Nirvana

Ever been on the road, far from home, when what do you see?... a mall jammed with fashion outlet stores!

Yup, that would pull me through to your page! So you see how important it is to start your body copy strongly, as we did above. Now don't blow it! OVERdeliver great content in your body copy.

Your intro paragraphs establish your VPP while quickening the pulse of your reader. After that, you'll deliver the benefits of your site... you'll answer the "what's in it for me" question that every visitor asks when arriving at a site.

And you'll do it while blending in your keyword. You should not only work "factory outlet stores" into your copy, but also common synonyms and variations like "outlet stores" and "fashion outlets" and "fashion malls" and "discount fashions" and "discount outlets" and "discount malls."

And also work in General Keywords that would likely be associated with your keyword (ex., shopping, shops, savings, discounts, etc.). If someone searches with part or all of your Specific Keyword and one of these General Keywords, you'll have a good shot at being found. And you'll have a high-quality, interested and motivated visitor!

Remember though, that synonyms and variations should not reduce your main keyword (factory outlet stores) to near invisibility. Establish your main keyword and then sprinkle in the synonyms and variations.

How long should a page be? As long as it needs to be, but no longer! Don't worry about what the Search Engines think about length - that's only important to your reader.

One technical consideration: For technical reasons, don't make your page too long. Vector-based analysis could start to hurt due to its compressions algorithms. Keep pages to a reasonable length and you'll be fine.

It makes no sense for an engine to score a short page any better than a long one. If length is of any importance, it's minor. As I said before, do use your Specific Keyword more than your high school teacher would have liked -- this keyword density is of some importance.

And so is keyword prominence -- make it a point to use your Specific Keyword more heavily in the opening two paragraphs (it must be in your opening sentence), and also in the closing paragraph. And then, like a good chef, sprinkle throughout!

In general, it's a good idea to position your Specific Keyword near the beginning of every piece of your HTML... Title, META description, headline, body copy, etc.

Your scatter pattern should look like an hourglass... bigger (i.e., more frequent) on the top and bottom, and less (but still present) in the middle of the page.

Change your approach somewhat from page to page...

Experiment with different numbers, frequencies and patterns of keywords until you find what works best. Use common sense, and avoid abuse. Keep your content focused to a single theme per page.

Do not, ever, get off-target. Keep each page focused on material related to your keyword. Never, never, never introduce a second theme to a page -- no mixed messages. Each page focuses purely on its keyword topic.

And that goes for your site as well. The more you laser-beam on a single theme, the better you'll do with the Search Engines.

Now here's the hard part... the body copy has to do double duty as a Search-Engine-optimizer and click-through- generator. While emphasizing your keywords, you must build original, valuable information. Meet the needs of a visitor who was searching for that keyword. This will convince the reader to click-through on your links. Don't make the page read badly, or all your efforts to get yourpotential visitor this far will have been...

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