Big Technique 5 Your Own Optin Ezine

Publish your own e-zine... yes, it's extremely important. But not right now. There's only so much that you can do in a day, so you have to do things in their proper order.

Remember, at this stage, your site is up, but there's no traffic yet. So no one is there to sign up for your e-zine. Here's the correct "To Do" order after you build your site.

First, get your site up and running. Then work on the first three of the BIG 5 traffic-building techniques. It will take a while for traffic to start building. But once you have some decent numbers, it only takes a day to get an e-zine up and running.

Not surprisingly, you can go the free route, or you can pay for list hosting (services that take care of all the technology of e-zine publishing).

As usual, I recommend that you pay for it. Because nothing's really free. Yahoo!Groups does a great, and free, job...

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