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In other words, work your way up from Botticelli, to Renaissance art, to all artists, to "everything art." Stop as soon as you find a level that has solid profit potential. Keep your niche as narrow as possible, so that you can build a site "to fill that glass," yet still make good profits.

Nowadays, I would not start as a global art mini-portal. First of all, I'd go nuts trying to fill this wonderful site with so much info. And it would look rather amateurish with just a little content.

More importantly, though, is that each section would dilute the other. For example, since Search Engines will increasingly evaluate the overall theme of an entire site, my renaissance art section will dilute my ancient art section (etc., etc.). And anyone who puts up a site which focuses purely on the theme of ancient art will have an edge over that section of my "mega-site."

So here's what I would do. As I broaden the concept, I find that I have solid profit potential for the Site Concept of "Renaissance Art" and other Concept Keywords at this level (ex., ancient art, cubism, impressionism, etc.).

So I register renaissance-artchive,,,, etc., etc. And I also register and (I add the dash in the longer names for easy reading, and I take to protect myself from low-lifes who want to take advantage of my success -- yes, I will succeed!).

Once I establish renaissance-artchive, and then, and then, I'll launch my Master home page,, to tie it all together as "the place to come for all things art." This home page will contain a global "what's in it for you" message and then provide links to all my other domains that are already up and running and successful.

One more domain -- I'll register Once I establish the way that Mark Harden (the real owner of has done, I'd be nuts not to think about adding an entire "museum store". This could either be an affiliate-based store where I'd PREsell the products of my merchant-partners (including a bust of Boticelli!). Or it could be a true online store. Or both.

If you already have an online store, building a Theme-Based Content Site is the single best way to drive traffic to it. In other words... BECOME YOUR OWN AFFILIATE!

If you don't have a store now, keep this in mind. It can be an excellent way to increase the profitability of your Theme-Based Content Site. In other words, start by marrying the content of your Keyword-Focused Content Pages to well-chosen affiliate programs. Build your initial income through well-chosen affiliate programs. Then...

As you grow, add an online store for extra profitability! What should you sell in an online store? Three ideas...

1) Products from other merchants, via affiliate programs. Some affiliate sites are very creative in making it look like a real online store. For example...

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