With no destination any road will do

Duke Ellington, the celebrated composer and holder of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, once remarked, "A goal is a dream that has an

Six Questions to Jump-Start Your Marketing Plan

Begin to think about your marketing plan by answering these questions about your practice:

1. What kind of consulting do you provide (i.e., strategy, financial, operations, technology, or health care)?

2. Why are your services needed?

3. What is the competitive situation in the market(s) you want to pursue?

4. Why should clients pick you instead of a competitor?

5. What substantial benefits do you bring to your clients?

6. Who cares whether you are in business?

As you address these questions, reflect on your personal and professional goals, the markets you'll serve, the industry contributions you'll make, and how you'll distinguish yourself from the crowd. Only then can you create a custom marketing plan for your practice.

ending." TO create your marketing plan, first identify the dream for your practice and then work backward to plot your route. The result should be a series of steps that you can take to make your dream a reality. Each step will be an intermediate goal and will precisely describe what you must do to reach that level.

Business literature stresses the need for goal-oriented behavior to the point that many consultants have become desensitized to the idea. Before you start laying out your marketing route, set the foundation with a few powerful goals that drive your decisions.

The power of your marketing goals and your ability to achieve them depends on their simplicity. A few well-honed goals will take your practice further than an encyclopedic list of aims and objectives. You may choose to create goals in areas such as new business development with existing clients, market visibility, and professional development. As time goes by, you should revisit these goals to validate, challenge, and revise them. But you will have a starting point and that puts you ahead of most consultants.

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