Why consultants should conduct surveys

When you collect survey data, analyze, and report on it, the results become a crucial part of your firm's intellectual assets. Surveys reinforce your firm's expertise, bring new ideas to your targeted clients, generate leads for new business, and expand your network of contacts.

A survey also provides you with market visibility. You'll interact with clients and prospective clients as you prepare a survey, conduct it, and present its results. Few marketing activities pack the punch of a survey when it comes to impressing and meeting potential clients.

Publicity you receive from surveys establishes you as the authority on your topics. When you are an acknowledged leader, clients will call you. Use the survey results to help build relationships with clients.

A successful survey is usually not a one-shot deal. Think of a survey as being more like a franchise, an ongoing initiative that you bring to the market at regular intervals. Over time, you stake out territory that your competitors can't match. You become the expert in resolving the issues addressed in the survey. Often, the results of consultants' surveys lead to the development of new services that consultants offer to clients.

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