Whats your story

As mentioned, clients are not as interested in the pedigrees of your consultants as in their results. Even so, you have to include some personal information on your site about your key consultants and your practice. Tell visitors who you are, what you do, and describe your background and achievements. Detail how and why your practice was formed, how it grew, and list its accomplishments. Show how your clients have helped you succeed and include some of the hurdles you have overcome.

Make your story the personal, noncorporate, part of your Web site. Give visitors a sense of the people behind the practice. Use this page to stress the human element of your practice so that visitors can identify with real people who care, and do not feel as if they are dealing with a faceless corporation. If possible, include pictures of your staff, with short statements about their backgrounds, the clients they have served, the awards they have won, and some of their personal interests.

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