Whats the big idea

Some analysts claim that we are on the downside of the business innovation cycle, and that the lack of new big ideas has led to a decline in the demand for consulting services. That conclusion is as insightful as the 1943 statement attributed to Thomas Watson, founder of IBM: that the world market for computers would consist of five machines.9

Without question, big ideas induce clients to seek outside help. Recent big ideas—outsourcing, reengineering, and the Web-based business model—have definitely kept brand-name consultants busy making tons of money. Big ideas have prompted the largest consulting firms to field armies of consultants outfitted with the latest strategies and technologies. When the big guys throw their considerable resources into the fray, competition is difficult for all firms.

Whatever the size of your practice, the presence or absence of a big idea is irrelevant. Clients always need expert assistance. Guerrilla marketing focuses your communication to the market on all ideas that can help clients achieve their goals.

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