What Is Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants

Marketing is everything.

—Regis McKenna1

Although marketing has many definitions, for guerrillas, marketing is a full-time business that includes every aspect of a consulting practice. It begins the moment you decide to become a consultant and never stops. Marketing involves more than just trying to sell your services; it affects how you comport yourself, run your practice, bid on projects, perform for clients, and build relationships.

Guerrilla marketing extends beyond selling and completing projects—it applies to everything you do. Your firm's name, its services, methods of delivering services, pricing plan, the location of your office, and how you promote your practice are all part of guerrilla marketing. And there is much more, including the clients with whom you choose to work, how you answer the telephone, even how you design your invoices and envelopes. The object of guerrilla marketing is to build and maintain profitable relationships, not merely to get clients.

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