What guerrilla marketing isnt

Although guerrilla marketing is low cost, it certainly isn't free. Be prepared to invest time and money. You may need professional help for elements like Web site design, computer programming, copywrit-ing, graphic design, or even marketing; but your goal should be to get the biggest bang for your marketing buck, every time. Your expenditures for guerrilla marketing will usually be far less than the expenses you would incur with traditional marketing.

Guerrilla marketing requires more than planning, strategizing, or navel-gazing. It demands action. Sure, you must create a marketing plan that serves you, but you also must develop a bias for action in the process. Plan, test, act, and measure. And since everything is always changing, continually fine-tune your plan until it is just right.

Whatever the size of your practice and whether you are a novice consultant or a seasoned veteran, you can easily use the tools in this book to master guerrilla marketing. The biggest challenge you face is deciding which combination of tools is right for you. That decision only takes research and thought on your part. Then apply your own brand of creativity to bring your services to the market and knock the socks off your clients and your future clients.


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