Use publicity effectively

To be effective, publicity about you must reach your client markets. The best way to accomplish this is with a focused Rolodex of media contacts. The media list you develop should reflect quality over quantity.

Characteristics of a Guerrilla Publicity Program

To ensure effectiveness, a guerrilla makes sure a publicity program:

Includes clearly defined objectives and a way to measure success

Targets potential and existing clients ^ Brings coverage from appropriate media outlets Entails minimal out-of-pocket expense Has a systematic approach, instead of relying on one-shot publicity events

Strengthens client, community, and collaborator relationships

Makes a valuable contribution to clients, your industry, or a good cause

Helps clients understand your firm's capabilities, instead of just recognizing its name

Undertakes activities that play to your firm's strengths Results in leads for new projects

Targeting a select group of well-placed contacts will use your time more efficiently and yield better results than seeking contacts from a huge generalized list.

Consultants in the natural resources industry, for example, may fare better with coverage in the Journal of Forestry than in the New York Times. If you're a consultant for the auto industry, being published in the health care press won't help you attract the clients you want.

The next step is to translate thought into action by combining the preceding elements with your objectives. The list of potential publicity activities on the next page can serve as a starting point for your program.

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