Twentyfive ways to build your consulting business with your book

1. Promote the book on your Web site, include an up-to-date media kit, and make it simple for visitors to purchase the book from your site.

2. Create and promote a Web site devoted specifically to the book with author information, a sample chapter or two, speaking schedules, media kit, and a feature allowing readers to submit feedback. Include a feature for ordering the book. Promote the existence of this site on your firm's Web site.

3. Add a blog to the promotional site for the book that gives readers additional ideas related to the topic of the book. Include the latest news, tools, and tips. Include a link for ordering the book.

4. Create a high-quality summary of the book's major themes and allow visitors to download it.

5. Target 25 to 50 specific clients to solicit bulk orders for the book. If a client orders enough copies, the publisher can create a customized cover featuring the client's logo.

6. Send review copies to the top 100 executives in your area of expertise. Follow up with a request to meet and discuss the topic of the book. Include a customized letter, a book summary, and your contact information.

7. Be sure your prepublication book, along with a cover letter and press release is sent to the major book reviewers such as,, ALA Booklist, the Library Journal, and Each organization reviews hundreds of books monthly that are widely read by librarians, publishers, agents, readers, and booksellers.

8. Take a client book tour. Contact each of your major clients and offer a personalized session on the problems addressed in the book. While you're in town, coordinate your visit with one or more local book signings, either at local bookstores or in the lobby of your client's building.

9. Make sure every person in your practice has a copy of the book, has read it, and understands how its content can benefit clients. Offer to give your colleagues briefings and Q&A sessions. Sign each of their copies with a personal note.

10. Create a postcard with an image of the book cover on one side and a summary of the book on the other. Mail these to key clients, but also keep a supply for leave-behinds at speeches, conventions, and bookstores. Keep a stack of the cards in your car—they will come in handy.

11. Contact every relevant trade and business magazine and discuss excerpting the book for readers in an upcoming issue.

12. Contact major newspapers and broadcast media to request media interviews on the book's subject.

13. Write articles for trade publications, client-based intranets, and relevant Web sites.

14. Create three presentations of the book's content—a one-hour keynote speech, a half-day workshop, and a full-day seminar. Promote the events through your Web sites, press releases, and to your clients. Include a copy of the book as part of the price of the session.

15. Send advance copies of the book to top industry association executives, university professors, civic organization leaders, and other consultants.

100 Cover Letter Tips

100 Cover Letter Tips

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