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Your home page is the most frequently visited page on your site. Your home page is the front door to your practice. It directs visitors to other parts of the site and presents the overall format and design.

As the first page that visitors access, your home page must have visual appeal. It also must be clean and uncluttered. Never incorporate graphic elements that are painfully slow, excessively long, or don't always work. Links to other parts of the site must be clear and easy to follow.

Forget about using sappy welcoming statements on your home page and get straight to the mission at hand. In clear, compelling language, demonstrate to visitors that the content on your site will help them. Emphasize how you can make a dramatic difference in their businesses.

Include your contact information on the home page and on every page of your site. Each page should also contain a link for visitors to sign up to receive your electronic newsletter, or zine, if you publish

Guerrilla Intelligence: What's a Blog?

A blog (short for "Web log") is a Web-based journal. Blogs can be news columns or personal communications; they can focus on one subject or a range of topics. A blog can be part of your Web site or a stand-alone feature. Blogs are not sent to readers. Rather, interested readers find them. Blogs are updated frequently— sometimes daily—with commentary, links, or photographs. Unlike Web site design, creating and updating blogs is easy because most blog software requires no technical background.

Use a blog to keep an updated, personalized message on the home page of your site, or to provide information on the latest developments in your industry. You might want to use a blog to announce a new service, rant about a controversial issue, or solicit client feedback.

You can scan a directory of blogs at,, and other search engines. Just enter the search term "blog directories" in your browser. Some widely used blog-ging software tools are Blogger (, TypePad, and Moveable Type ( Some blogging products are free and others are offered for a fee.

one. Most important, keep your home page short and simple, while encouraging visitors to review other parts of the site.

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