The Power of Giving Back

We receive but what we give.

— Samuel Taylor Coleridge1

In these times of shrinking budgets and fierce competition for charitable contributions, consultants can give to their communities and benefit themselves by volunteering to help nonprofit groups accomplish their missions. Your expertise and efforts can advance the well-being of your neighbors and improve conditions where you live and work. In the process, you can enjoy positive professional experiences, hone your skills, build goodwill, expand your network, and advance your career.

Guerrillas derive numerous benefits from giving to others. But receiving self-serving rewards is not their main motivation. Your primary incentive should be a genuine desire to help others, not merely to develop your business. If you don't passionately want to help, your focus and momentum soon will fade. Lackluster results could hurt your nonprofit clients and damage your reputation.

You can contribute to worthy causes by making financial donations or by working on pro bono projects. Pro bono is defined as "work done without compensation for the public good." On pro bono projects, you can help civic, community, or charitable organizations address their most vexing, complex issues, and your technical expertise can make the difference between the success and failure of their projects.

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