The new buying environment

In The Anatomy of Buzz, Emanuel Rosen7 refers to the "invisible networks" that connect us all. According to Rosen, people evaluate and buy goods and services on the basis of comments by friends and family members, hallway conversations with colleagues, e-mail, and Internet research and discussion groups. These nonstop exchanges are all part of the buzz that helps people cut through the chaos of marketing to find what they need.

Rosen points out, "In order to compete, companies must understand that they are selling not to individual customers but rather to networks of customers." Guerrilla marketing recognizes this new buying environment and the power of guerrilla clients. It takes into account that guerrilla clients find out about consultants' services in many ways that have nothing to do with the consultants' sales pitches.

Since clients are more apt to act on the opinions of people they trust, consultants must build their marketing programs around champions who will create positive buzz throughout the invisible networks that are filled with potential clients.

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