The Guerrillas Competitive Edge

Rainmakers never wing it on sales calls.

Browse in your favorite bookstore and you'll find scores of books telling you how to peddle whatever you're selling with integrity, spin, vision, or just with persuasion. You are exhorted to be customer-focused, pursue "premium" leads, use appropriate body language, leave gifts for the receptionist, and handle objections with ease.

With all the weaponry arrayed against them, you'd think clients wouldn't stand a chance. But guerrilla clients see through these tactics from a mile away. In the age of hype, most sales pitches can be summed up by a popular bumper sticker that reads, "They're Lying."

Guerrillas know that the yawning credibility gap in business today has made trust elusive. They focus on the basics and earn clients' trust the tried-and-true way—through attention to detail, innovation, great service, and personal rapport.

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