The devil is in the details

When visitors form an initial impression of your Web site, they will either stay on the site to find out more or move on based on their answers to four simple questions:

1. What does your firm actually do?

2. Do you prove that your firm is able to handle the client's issues?

3. What makes your firm uniquely qualified to solve the client's problems?

4. Have you clearly described the benefits and results that clients can expect?

If you answer these questions to the satisfaction of prospective clients, you'll likely get e-mail or a telephone call. Web site designs vary and each must be structured to reflect your own unique talents and mission. However, all consultants' sites should allow prospective clients to quickly answer those four essential questions.

Remember that your site will serve a diverse audience that may include current and prospective clients, media representatives, researchers, students, other consultants, or aspiring consultants. Try to make the experience easy and valuable for every viewer.

Guerrillas at Work: Site Construction

Most consultants focus on developing the content of their Web sites and let computer programmers handle the technical details. Guerrillas stay involved and in control of the construction process to make sure they end up with client-focused sites that include the following sections:

Solutions and results Case studies and testimonials How you work with clients Your story

Alliances and affiliations

Media center

Resource library

Tsrms of use and privacy policy

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