The cost of free publicity

To integrate publicity into your consulting practice, you must expend time finding, courting, and developing solid relations with the right media people. You also may incur costs for media training as well as for preparing and distributing materials to the media. Media training is essential because in addition to covering the news, the media wants to give its audience highly entertaining features. If you are a well-trained subject, you'll make yourself substantially more attractive to the media.

Hiring an expert to help you learn about getting publicity can be expensive. In the beginning, you may want to hire a public relations consultant to teach you how to create media lists, write press releases, and use appropriate directories, as well as instruct you in proper media etiquette. Books such as Guerrilla Publicity, by Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman, and Jill Lublin1 can also give you a solid understanding of the industry. Building a publicity program isn't rocket science, but it does involve managing numerous details.

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