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We live in a litigious world. So, your site must have a page that describes the terms of use that visitors to the site must observe. On this page, focus on your privacy policy and state that you are not liable for how visitors use the information they obtain from the site. Review

Guerrilla Tactic: Share Your Secrets

Some consultants resist sharing their intellectual assets over the Web for fear of losing their competitive edge. The world is awash in so much information that you will look stingy and paranoid if you don't give up at least some of your secrets to let clients see how you really work, what you know, and what you can do. If you're uncomfortable posting all your intellectual assets, by all means, hold some back. Check other sites' information-sharing practices to see how they handle the dilemma.

Clients know that people must implement changes, and without experienced consultants at the helm, costly, time-consuming disasters frequently occur. That is why they hire consultants to implement the ideas and approaches they believe will best solve their problems. Most clients are unlikely just to take your ideas and run. If they do, be there to bail them out when they get in over their heads.

several sites to understand the terms-of-use clause and then decide if you need legal counsel to help draft a statement that will protect your practice.

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