Television and radio

Some of the large consulting firms can't resist the allure of television advertising. Urged on by their creative agencies, many of these firms ape beer, car, and fast food companies and take to the airwaves to build their brands. However, as soon as the ad appears, many television viewers are either off to the kitchen for a snack or zapping with the remote control.

Guerrillas love the exposure television provides, even if it reaches some who may not be their targeted clients. If you want to use television, work toward being a guest on news panels or targeted talk shows. Contact the producers and inform them of your expertise and your availability to discuss a particular subject. If you're an expert on how businesses can cope with funding company pensions, approach the producers of well-known business news shows with an offer to alert their viewers on the important issues about pensions. Appearing as a program guest eliminates the costs of producing commercials and buying airtime and gives you better exposure. As a guest, you're treated as an expert authority, not a pitchman.

The same rules apply to radio. Bring your expertise to radio listeners, not your latest pitch. If you are a tax consultant, volunteer to be interviewed on tax tips to save people time and money. Your expertise will be appreciated and rewarded because radio producers are always looking for interesting and informative guests.

Television and radio ads are expensive to produce and run. The costs include outlays for talent, crews, production companies, equipment, sets, and airtime, to name just a few. If you've set your sights on being a media star, use your expertise, not fancy ads. You'll go farther and will spend a lot less money.

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