Survey Said

Make Surveys and Proprietary Research Work

Surveys move markets. When the University of Michigan's Survey of Consumer Confidence is published, stock markets gyrate and consumer-buying behavior can change, impacting the overall economy.1 The U.S. government's survey of leading economic indicators influences decisions from the purchasing of raw materials to the hiring of workers. Politicians follow every rise and fall in the polls as they formulate campaign or policy strategies. Surveys and their influence are everywhere.

What's ironic is that in a world awash in data, business leaders continue to bemoan the shortage of useful information to help them run their businesses. Most companies are constantly searching for more current, accurate, and sharply focused information to make strategic and tactical decisions.

Many businesses are swamped with so much information about their operations that it's hard for them to look outside their own walls and discover what's going on with their competitors, suppliers, and customers. Surveys can help by providing executives with the information they need.

Surveys are measuring devices. A well-executed survey can reveal the overall condition of an organization, problems in a promotional campaign, or the reasons for workers' dissatisfaction, to name a few possible results.

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