So whats wrong

When customers enter a new store, they notice little things that they ignore in their favorite shopping spots. They quickly size up the store's layout, the quality of the merchandise, the attentiveness of the sales staff, and the overall feel of the place. They form a quick impression and decide whether to shop or move on.

Web site visitors, especially those new to your site, are no different from other shoppers. They make decisions about the credibility, value, and professionalism of your site, often before the home page finishes loading. If the site appears unprofessional, slow, or out-of-date, your visitors are likely to move on, leaving you with lost opportunities.

In our era of self-service, consumers routinely make vacation plans, buy presents, and form impressions of consultants solely on the basis of contacts they make on the Web and through e-mail. So, they demand that sites be easy to navigate and understand. Although the standard of quality for Web sites seems to increase monthly, many consultants fail to keep up. They simply convert recent brochures to their sites and hope they'll generate leads.

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