Secret 9 toss your brochures out the window

Thomas A. Stewart, author of Intellectual Capital: The New Wealth of Organizations, calls information and knowledge the "thermonuclear competitive weapons of our time."5 Stewart found that for many organizations, intangible assets such as workers' knowledge and experience, patents, and customer information are far more important to success than tangible assets such as buildings and machinery.

Consulting is the ultimate information and knowledge enterprise. Consultancies are rich with proprietary research, methodologies, cumulative experience, brainpower, and databases. They are well stocked with detailed case studies, presentation materials, and proposals. These intellectual assets, collective knowledge, and wisdom are the consultant's primary tools for creating results.

The question is—do your marketing materials (for example, your brochures) communicate the power that your intellectual assets can give clients? If not, you might as well toss them out the window.

For guerrillas, the boilerplate approach to brochures, Web sites, and service descriptions is dead. Instead, guerrillas tap into the repository of the firm's intellectual assets to produce highly tailored materials that are responsive to the unique needs of each client and provide the basis for a substantive dialogue on the relevant issues.

Communicating the precise benefits of your intellectual assets in the sales process gives clients what they want. They want thought leaders—not run-of-the-mill consultants—to take on their toughest challenges. To answer that call, guerrillas show clients the collective wisdom of their consulting practices.

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