Secret 13 marketing has no onoff switch

Many consultants have little patience for marketing; they prefer to focus on executing projects. Marketing may appear to be a Herculean task that saps too much time and energy from the "real" work of a consulting business and generates meager return for the effort.

Guerrilla Tactic: Perpetual Motion Marketing

Do something every day to market your consulting practice, whether it's making contact with a former client, working on your latest blog, or identifying new speaking opportunities. Constancy is the only reliable power source for your marketing efforts.

It is easier to devote time to the in-your-face demands of your practice such as client work, recruiting, mentoring, and financial planning. To some extent, marketing also goes against the instincts of consultants, who tend to be reactive and opportunistic about pursuing sales leads.

Guerrillas understand that we are in an era of 24/7 marketing. Clients will not take notice of your practice unless you continuously promote it. Your business will eventually stall if you think, "We'll focus on marketing after we finish this project."

Marketing must be a daily activity with the same high priority as performing your work for clients. There is no on/off switch in a guerrilla's marketing program.

There is no magic formula for fame and fortune. A consultant must wear many hats—advisor, expert, salesperson, problem solver, coach, referee, banker, publisher, and author. As you juggle the demands of clients, bosses, and your life, toss one more hat into the air— marketer. Your steady focus on marketing, even in the face of client and project distractions, will secure your spot at the top of the heap.


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