Secret 12 float to the top

The guerrilla aims to establish advisory relationships with executives who have management responsibility for the performance of a client's business: the CEO, CFO, COO, or CIO. Interaction with those at the top sheds light on their needs and gives you a chance to offer your help and to channel it in accordance with the client's main objectives or initiatives.

Your relationships with client executives serve you in other ways. They are great sources of information about the potential projects in the organization's pipeline. And they can introduce you to other decision makers inside and outside the company.

Because a client's top executives are often the ultimate decision makers in purchases of consulting services, a strong rapport can shorten the proposal process so you can get to work. Once a project is underway, the backing of a high-level ally can make a huge difference in gaining the cooperation you need from others to stay on schedule.

How do you get to the top people in your client's organization? From day one, start to create a matrix—an influence map—that lays out the routes for essential introductions. In small companies, the progression is usually straightforward; but in large companies, influence doesn't necessarily follow an obvious path. You are a guerrilla. Use your powers of observation and think through the ramifications of what you see and hear. Ask where and to whom it could lead.

Floating to the top clarifies the big picture in your own mind, which helps you serve the client better. And after a successful project, you will be comfortable asking the chief to make referrals or act as a reference. Either way, these relationships are a powerful tool for securing new business for your practice.

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