Secret 11 client loyalty is an oxymoron

The minute they begin working with a client, some consultants set their sights on selling that client additional projects. Apparently they believe that the next sale will be a snap because they have an inside track. Nothing could be further from the truth.

No matter how good you are, you can't count on client loyalty. When a group of clients was recently asked to rate loyalty to their existing consultants, 50 percent said they were indifferent; they would switch to a new consultant without hesitation.6

Regardless of the strength of the relationship, clients look for increasingly great work by incumbent consultants. In effect, your own flawless delivery raises the bar for your next proposal. The guerrilla pulls out all the stops when proposing new work to an existing client by using every scrap of intelligence and every relationship in the client's organization to blow away the competition.

As an incumbent, any proposal you submit for new work must prove that the depth of your previous experience increases your value to the client. Otherwise, you can easily lose any competitive advantage.

Clients can be quick to drop an incumbent consultancy in favor of one that looks new and exciting. Never become complacent because clients certainly won't be.

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