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For the big firms, a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal can help build brand awareness, but if you ask 25 people who saw the ad whether they remember the firm or what it stood for, you're likely to get blank stares. Most newspaper and magazine advertising run by consulting firms is unimaginative, dull, and a poor use of money. In one recent full-page ad in a national newspaper, a firm's claim to fame was, "We Get It Done."

If you choose to use magazine or newspaper advertising to build your brand, stick with it consistently. One or two ads, no matter how creative or valuable, will not penetrate the imagination of most readers. One public relations consultant has run a full-page ad in an industry publication for years. She is now well known among a small group of professionals, but it took years and a tidy investment. If you go this route, be prepared to commit to a long-running ad campaign that will help you get through all the advertising clutter.

Unless you have a vault of money, it's wiser to use the print media to publish short articles, position pieces, reports, survey results, and announcements. If you need to promote an upcoming event, like a seminar, a print ad in highly targeted publications can be the best way to go. With some research, you can create professional print ads for relatively little money.

If you decide to use print ads, conduct research to find the publications read by your target market and make sure your ad runs in the right section or issue. Position your ad with other relevant subjects.

Guerrilla Tactic: What Do You Want Them to Do?

Ask your ad's readers to take some action in response to your ad. Ask them to call your toll-free number, visit your Web site, or send you e-mail. This simple tactic will help you generate leads, measure the effectiveness of your ad, and suggest ways to improve it in the future.

You don't want your seminar on logistics consulting to run in the garden section.

For newspaper advertising, consider using your own designer instead of one provided by the newspaper. Every element of your ad should be perfect, and hiring your own designer will help you achieve that standard.

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