Put Your Plan into Action

In the field of opportunity, it's plowin' time again.

—Neil Young1

Although the standard warning on a car's side-view mirror—Objects in mirror are closer than they appear—refers to traffic hazards, it also applies to the dynamics of the consulting industry. No matter how secure consultants feel about their clients or niches in the industry, competitors can overtake them from behind in a flash. Guerrilla marketing is a consultant's insurance against being run off the road.

Although competition for clients has never been more intense, now is the time to be a consultant. Change has become a constant, and consultants flourish in times of change. Clients are rethinking every aspect of their businesses as suppliers, competitors, and customers push them to do everything better, faster, and cheaper. Clients now need more help than ever, and that's not going to change anytime soon.

What is changing, however, is how consultants market their businesses. Some of the marketing tactics in this book are time-proven methods. For decades, consultants have written articles and conducted surveys—and they work. But today, consulting begins and ends with marketing, and if you don't continually market your services, you risk ending up in a corporate gig or the unemployment line. If the market doesn't know you and what you do, it won't matter how good you are.

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