So many books are published each year that it's hard to distinguish your book and get it noticed, so guerrilla marketing tactics will come in handy. Most publishers have in-house publicity departments to promote your book. However, the reality is that in-house publicists are so overworked that they can't satisfy all their authors' needs. Besides, you should be eager to promote your own work. After all, it's your passion, and no one is going to sell your book better and more enthusiastically than you.

Most in-house publicists include your book in the publisher's catalog, take it to book fairs and expos, and send press releases about it to the media. Unless you are a big-name author or have negotiated a special deal, which is difficult to get, that's all you'll receive. In-house publicists have little time or funds to sufficiently promote your book. If you go with a large publisher, expect the publisher to assign your book to an overworked publicist.

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