Printed brochures gather mold

Guerrillas don't invest much in preprinted brochures that sit in a box in the closet. Instead, they develop the capability to create customized brochures. With currently available presentation software, it's easy to prepare and print brochures for specific uses.

If you are headed to a client meeting, create a brochure for that client and print a limited number of copies. Include the client's name on the brochure and align the content with the client's business needs.

Keep a small supply of brochures on hand in your office to send out in response to telephone or mail requests. Constantly revise and update the content of your brochure to reflect current topics. Those that just rehash your qualifications and service descriptions are a waste of money and paper. Brochures should be issue-based and should reinforce your marketing message on how you can solve clients' problems.

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